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From fixing leaks to running a large commercial drainage system, Class Plumbing are experienced at making sure the end is result is dry. In fact the list is so long we gave up writing it, however here are a couple of examples of solutions we have.

Moving a toilet to another part of a bathroom, to a loft or into a part of the house that has no large soil pipe? We can fit a macerator, from Saniflo or Grundfos, which can pump waste and waste water through small diameter pipes, even vertically, so you can have that shower in the basement.

Always take care when replacing taps to make sure that they are suitable for your water system. This is a common error we come across when people ask us to fit taps they have already bought. Always buy from a specialist to ensure that you get a tap that will work. It is not uncommon that some modern or cheap taps don’t let any water through the spout.

If in doubt call us.

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